Easy-To Rolls For Your Dreads

If you have long, lovely black hair, you’ll want to put a little curl into it for your special occasions, but you may not want to pull out all of the loose ends with an “As Seen on TV” or a “Desperate Housewives” hairstyle.

That’s where Asap Rocky Hair Straightener comes in handy. You can pull off a great updo, complete with messy natural curls when you use this hair styling tool.

Long beautiful hair is definitely a dream. However, many things can happen to it that might ruin your big day. A bad haircut, too many bangs, or too many curling irons can turn a beautiful, smooth head of hair into a monster of frizzy, unruly tresses. One way to avoid this is to pull your tresses into a ponytail before you hit the salon. If you have long, gorgeous hair, you probably know how difficult it is to put in a tight ponytail, especially if you’re running short on time and facing a lot of stress. A large number of hairstylists have the ability to pull tight ponytails, cut them with loose ends hanging to the side, and even work with your tresses in different creative ways.

There are many different styles of long hair, from loose waves, corkscrew curls, pixie curls, to sleek, romantic long locks. Each one brings something different to the table. For example, a low ponytail looks fabulous on short hair but may not work so well when worn long. A buzz cut is also nice when worn long but may get caught up in your dreads if you try to pull it off.

Another great way to get the best of both worlds is to put some hair product on your Dreads and roll your tresses into a smooth, low ponytail. This is a simple way to pull your hair up into a presentable style. Many dreads have already been shaped this way; you just need to pin or tape them together and use hair spray or serum to keep them moisturized and to add a little bit of volume. This works well with most types of hair, although longer hair will take a little longer to roll and hold all the way down. If you’re having trouble getting your Dreads in a smooth and low ponytail, try using a small curling iron or a tiny curling tool.

When it comes to really curly types of hair, you can really make some magic by rolling your tresses into a high and very long ponytail. This is actually easier than many people think! It’s all about taking your long hair with a few pieces of jewelry and simply pinning them onto your dreads. You don’t even need any jewelry for this one!

To start, simply take your dreads and coil them in the same way that you would if you were wearing them. If you have some loose ends that you’d like to tuck in, wrap them around a few of your fingers and secure them with Bobby pins or a headband. Once they’re in place, tuck in the rest of your hair, keeping it loose and flowing. Once you’re done, you’ll be left with gorgeous, easy-to-roll tresses that can be worn anytime.

If you have short hair, this may be harder for you to do because as mentioned before, your dreads can be somewhat long. However, we can fix that right away! Simply grab some Bobby pins or an elastic hairband, hook your hair up into a high ponytail, secure it under your headband, and then roll it. This works great for those who have long hair, but it does work on those with medium-length dreads as well. Just make sure that you don’t forget the end!

Of course, this is just one way to roll your dreadlocks, so if you want to try something more creative, why not try to tie a piece of ribbon or a doily on them. It’s really up to you which one you want to do, depending on what looks best. No matter which method you choose to get your long hair tied, it will be an easy, quick process and will provide you with a gorgeous style! Good luck, and congratulations on your beautiful locks!

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